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Commerial Real Estate Advisory Services

With the advent of instantaneous internet search engine results, the vast majority of smart individuals, successful companies, and venerable institutions that need and could benefit from engaging expert real estate counsel remain uninformed about the emerging field of real estate advisory services, most specifically, how it may serve to assist them in reaching informed, intelligent, and ultimately profitable real estate decisions; regardless of the current real estate market cycle.
Ronnie Lee Phillips is an acknowledged expert in land economics and real estate. He excels in rendering competent, confidential, and independent advisory and guidance on a flat fee or hourly basis, dependent upon the complexity of the assignment. His personal advisory services offer sophisticated real estate solutions that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Acquisition Analysis (Sales Comparison & Income Approach)
  • Asset and Property Management Evaluation
  • Commercial Lease Negotiations (Tenant and Landlord Representation)
  • Disposition Analysis (Refinance, Hold, or Reversion)
  • Eminent Domain Issues
  • Highest & Best Use Analysis
  • Market Analysis for Development
  • Property Economics Evaluation (Present or Proposed Real Estate Transactions)
  • Re-development, Renovation & Rezoning Analysis
  • Site Selection & Economic Location Analysis for Commercial Real Estate Investments
  • Taxation Ramifications of Proposed Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Wise commercial real estate decisions rely upon keen knowledge of appraisal principles, real property law, land economics, discounted cash flow analysis, after-tax internal rates of return, investment performance, and capital asset valuation. The use of these complex analytical tools is used to the advantage of various end user perspectives, such as developers, investors, lenders, and tenants.
Mr. Phillips’ deep insight and past experience from multiple roles in commercial real estate uniquely positions him to project successful future outcomes for the diverse real estate problems currently facing his principals.
Now you may benefit from the application of his wealth of knowledge gained through diverse real estate markets and dramatic real estate cycles.

Please contact Mr. Phillips today. He stands ready to enter into a respectful principal/agent relationship to provide personal and unbiased commercial real estate advisory in the achievement of your unique goals and objectives.

RealStar Realty Advisors, LLC
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